• Semantic SEO

    If you add GoodRelations to your Web page, both Google and Yahoo will show a rich preview of your products in the search results.

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  • Automotive

    Manufacturers and dealers can publish rich details of new and used vehicles so that search engines and browser extensions present them all to your potential customers.

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  • Real Estate

    Publish the features and location of houses or apartments as small chunks of data, and novel mobile apps and Web services will alert perfectly matching clients in real-time.

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  • Mobile

    Send daily offers, opening hours, and payment options directly to many different smartphone applications.

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  • Restaurants

    Send your daily menu, opening hours, and specialities to hundreds of mobile applications and browser extensions. As a bonus, you get an international menu card in up to 50 languages.

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  • Tickets

    Searching for concert tickets, airfare, or admission information is difficult. With GoodRelations, you are visible for your ideal target audience.

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  • In short: Use rich data for Web marketing

    The Web makes your offers globally visible. With GoodRelations, you can add an unprecedented level of precision to your communication with potential customers over the Web.

The most powerful Web vocabulary for e-commerce

A paradigm shift for e-commerce. Since 2008.

Only 5% of all potential visitors of your site will actually see your offers in their original beauty. 95% will never get beyond a reduced preview of your great products and services as provided by a Web search engine.

GoodRelations is the most powerful vocabulary for publishing all of the details of your products and services in a way friendly to search engines, mobile applications, and browser extensions. By adding a bit of extra code to your Web content, you make sure that potential customers realize all the great features and services and the benefits of doing business with you, because their computers can extract and present this information with ease.


GoodRelations Intro

Who uses GoodRelations?

  • Google
  • Yahoo!
  • BestBuy
  • sears.com
  • kmart.com
  • ... and 10,000 more

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The GoodRelations ontology is available under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license.

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Many organizations and individuals have supported the work on the GoodRelations vocabulary. Please honor their help by visiting » this page «.

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