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Research Project: eclassOWL: Ontologizing eCl@ss

Products and services categorization standards (PSCS), like UNSPSC, eCl@ss, eOTD, or the RosettaNet Technical Dictionary (RNTD) form a valuable set of concepts from the product and services domain and reflect some degree of consensus. They are thus a promising foundation for the creation of products and services ontologies. Existing approaches for this task, however, do neither properly reflect the specific semantics of the respective categorization standards, nor do they sufficiently address the high versioning dynamics due to product innovation. In this project I am developing a comprehensive approach for the proper reuse of such standards in product ontologies and am working on a complete OWL Lite version of eCl@ss.

June 16, 2006:       The eClassOWL 5.1 User's Guide is available in HTML and PDF!
March 15, 2006:    eClassOWL 5.1 is ready for release!

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  1. eClassOWL 5.1: Ontology Files and Documentation (OWL Lite/DLP, compressed file, ca. 2.4 MB)
  2. eClassOWL 5.1: User's Guide (PDF)
  3. eClassOWL 5.1: User's Guide (HTML)

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